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The above photo shows me at Joe Pool Lake, South of Dallas. I'm sailing "The Shark," my Jimmy Lewis 9'10" giant slalom board, with an Aerotech 7.0 meter sail; I'm planing even though the wind must have been under 15, considering that there are no whitecaps on the water.

Both board and sail were made in 1987, and have held up quite well over the years. When the board was damaged in a car accident in '90, a friend urged me to report it to the insurance company as a total loss, and get money for a new one. But by then it was like an old friend to me; I had no desire to trade it in for something newer and allegedly better.

The photo at left shows my high-wind board, "The Spoon." It was made in 1989 by Velocity, during the brief time that they were mass-producing Tony Logosz's designs. The artwork was custom-painted from a color sketch by me; the Japanese characters say kazabushi which means "wind warrior."
Where There's a Wind, There's a Way Windsurfing on snow???
-- a true story with photo
Wind Warrior 2000 A short science fiction story with illustrations

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