This site includes stories and pictures of my work and my play. I hope you find something interesting.

Please email me any comments, questions, or especially bug reports by clicking here or any of the other appropriate links. (In case the links aren't working, the address is kent@dallas.net.) 

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Magic Metal Productions Computer consulting and documentation services
KOBUSHI Taiko drummers!
Community Drumming Pictures of friends & me playing at various events around Dallas, including some volunteering with the non-profit Drums Not Guns.
Windsurfing Some pictures and articles, including one science fiction story with illustrations

Meet Shady Character, the world's cutest sailboat; "you never forget your first."

Currently I sail Little Mermaid, a Beachcomber 25 which had no masts or sails when I bought her. I designed and built my own rig, and the results are quite nice to look at, as well as to sail.

Bookstore Some interesting books and CDs ... you can order 'em on-line.
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